About Us

We, as ACL Plastic Packaging, are one of the Turkey’s leading plastic packaging companies especially in plastic injection products and thermoformed packaging. Our company is operating  in many product groups such as IML Printed Bucket, Unprinted Plastic Packaging, Cheese packaging, provides services to its customers with both offset printed and IML label printed products with 6 color printing options.

In Which Sectors You are able to Use ACL Plastic Packaging Products?

Our Plastic Injection Products (especially IML Printed) with our rich product range in rectangular plastic containers, square plastic containers and square plastic boxes, round plastic buckets and oval plastic buckets, especially food are also on the shelves in the paint and chemical industry. These products are starting from 250 ml and are available in various sizes up to 20 liter. We offer quality printing options with 6 color offset printing and desired designs on plastic buckets and plastic containers with in-mold labeling (IML Printing) method.

We serve the food industry with our new and constantly renewed food-compatible plastic cheese containers, plastic jam boxes, plastic labneh containers, plastic margarine packages, plastic halva packaging products, especially cheese, margarine and chocolate sectors. We also provide service in various volumes in this product group starting from 250 ml. As one of IML Packaging Companies, we serve in this category with different and visual designs without sacrificing quality.

With our thermoformed packaging, we also serve the food industry, especially in plastic ayran glasses and plastic yogurt containers.

In our plastic packaging sales in Turkey and abroad, our first priority is not to compromise on quality and service in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

With our ever-growing product and service quality. We make export to 5 regions of Turkey and 19 regions of the world.
In addition to all these, we provide fast and efficient solutions for your new plastic packaging projects in a short time.